TSI Cloud Portal - generic server instance

A generic server Portal app deployable in the Cloud.


A network and a floating ip pool are expected to be shared with other virtual machines, therefore is not provided and destroyed with this terraform description.
If you want to provide a new network you can use the cpa-network terraform app.


General set up in the Cloud Portal

  • Create a new entry in the Profile-Cloud Credentials section.
  • Create a new entry in the Profile-Deployment Parameters section.
  • Create a new entry in the Profile-Configurations section.

Deployment in the Cloud Portal

  • Create a new Deployment choosing the app form the Repository menu.
  • Select the provider to use form the top left corner radio menu: Select provider.
  • Enter the required input in the Inputs section.
  • Select a configuration in the Deployment parameters section.

ssh connection

Once the Virtual machine is deployed you can connect to it with:

ssh -i `~/.ssh/your_private_key_name` `OS_default_user`@`external_ip_provided_in_the_portal_output`


ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa ubuntu@

In AWS, the OS_dafualt_user is always ec2-user.

In Azure, the OS_dafualt_user is always clouduser

Configuration example

Note: most of this values are specific for each cloud provider and in many cases specific for your environment inside the cloud provider himself.
The disk_image_name in AWS is referred to the AMI value, which is also different, for the same Image, in every AWS region.


Inputs entry is not mandatory, if a default input value is defined in the terraform configuration, it will be used when no inputs are entered.

Input name Input value
disk_image_name ubuntu-16.04
machine_type s1.nano
Input name Input value
disk_image_name ami-bb9a6bc2
machine_type t2.micro
Parameter name Parameter value
region westeurope
resource_group resourcegroup_from_cpa_network

Deployment parameters

The current version of the portal is requiring to include the parameters of all the cloud providers, in the deployment configurations. This behaviour will change soon, for the moment just enter a random value for the parameters that are not necessary for your cloud provider.

Parameter name Parameter value
network_name test_network
floating_ip_pool ext-net
subnet_id subnet-123xyzta

name: extcloud-05

Parameter name Parameter value
network_name test_network
floating_ip_pool ext-net
Parameter name Parameter value
subnet_id subnet-123xyzta

This information will be available in your AWS console, when using a manually configured AWS subnet, or will be available as an output in the Deployments page when you are using the appliance cpa-network.


For the deployment parameters, only subnet_id and network_name are relevant:

Parameter name Parameter value
floating_ip_pool NA
network_name network_from_cpa_network
subnet_id /subscriptions/sub-id/resourceGroups/resgroup/subnets/subnet

AWS Cloud Credential

Create an entry in the Cloud Credentials section whit Parameters:

Parameter name Parameter value

You can find the first two values (or create a new credential) in your AWS user page, under the section IAM --> USERS.
The available regions, at the moment of writing, are the following:

Code Name
us-east-1 US East (N. Virginia)
us-east-2 US East (Ohio)
us-west-1 US West (N. California)
us-west-2 US West (Oregon)
ca-central-1 Canada (Central)
eu-west-1 EU (Ireland)
eu-central-1 EU (Frankfurt)
eu-west-2 EU (London)
ap-northeast-1 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
ap-northeast-2 Asia Pacific (Seoul)
ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2 Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ap-south-1 Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
sa-east-1 South America (São Paulo)

Note: In order to use the default AMI value with cpa-instance you can choose eu-west-1